Professional Childproofing Services in Kansas City since 2009

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We’ve been in business for eleven years and your child’s safety is our priority!

In 2007, we founded The Soft Landing when we became aware of toxic chemicals in products we were using every day with our growing children.  It quickly became apparent that figuring out which products are safer can be really tricky and time consuming.  So we set out on a journey to investigate about where these worrisome chemicals lurk and began sharing what we learned along the way. We educate and assist parents in creating a safer living environment for their families while connecting them to the natural living resources they need to make it happen.

Now we work together to provide childproofing assessment and installation for families in the Kansas City Metro area who are interested in protecting their loved ones ones from physical harm.

Joanie’s our certified childproofer, so you’ll find her making the rounds in Kansas City helping parents create a safe environment for their little ones.


Our work process

  • Complete full childproofing assessment


    Give in-depth written assessment

  • Make safety product recommendations


    Provide professional installation